WWE 2K22 is proof Madden NFL games should take a timeout


After taking a year off from her annual outings, WWE 2K22 came back stronger than ever, with a new formula and game engine that essentially revitalized the franchise. The changes to the game have proven that WWE titles have a lot more to offer, and that in the future, significant changes to the games could make future games serious contenders for game of the year. Following WWE 2K22 success, the ball has now fallen into the court of other annual sports games like the Madden NFL franchise which, as WWE 2Khave been deprecated with few changes and many issues with each iteration.


Madden NFL The games have often been criticized for taking no chances in terms of changing gameplay or game modes that have ruled the franchise for many years now. While fans will continue to flock to the series, many are generally disappointed as they play what amounts to the same game year after year. The only real changes with each entry come in the form of graphical revisions or updates to the roster and player ratings. So how could taking a gap year help the Madden NFL series release games that could change the face of the franchise in the future?

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Madden: game engine update

Visual Concepts, the developers behind WWE 2K22 took advantage of the gap year to improve the mechanics of the game by creating a new game engine to maintain a balance between simulation and arcade elements. This ensured the game was fun for fans to play, while still staying true to the WWE formula and give players a sense of realism. For the future Madden NFL titles to become fan favorites, the franchise is in serious need of a revamp.

Madden NFL 22 suffered from a lack of meaningful changes, as well as multiple bugs and issues that detracted from the core gameplay. The game mechanics and animations used made movement and decision-making almost robotic and gave the whole game a feeling of incompleteness. This has been a theme for recent episodes of the series, and for this to be rectified, EA will need to reimagine the way fans play going forward. Madden NFL securities. Making this work will require a redesigned game engine that improves gameplay features that work, while reworking those that don’t.

Improve the face of Madden NFL franchise mode

One of the dullest game modes in Madden NFL 22 was the story mode, Face of the Franchise, which was short and offered little gameplay excitement. The story mode lacks meaningful options that can impact story progression and undermine efforts made by previous games, such as Madden NFL 20 which initially introduced an engaging story mode. The simple fact is that story mode suffers from many of the same issues as other game modes; poor gameplay mechanics and repetitive features that weren’t entertaining the first time around, let alone the second or third.

WWE 2K20 had a lot of those same issues for its story mode, which were eventually cleaned up for WWE 2K22 MyRise game mode. The gap year allowed Visual Concepts to understand the changes that needed to be made and gave them time to develop a more engaging and exciting story mode. The fact that there are multiple classes that players can choose from and different decisions that will dictate story progression means that the replayability of the game has been handled well. It’s something that the future Madden NFL titles should be geared towards giving fans more playtime that they can enjoy even after multiple playthroughs.

While Madden NFL is one of many games in the sports world that needs a major overhaul, EA needs to look at the approach Visual Concepts took when creating WWE 2K22. A gap year will give developers more time to figure out areas that need fixing and give them a chance to avoid rushing into certain areas of the game, like design and animations.

For many game franchises, an annual release is often a stepping stone to true progression, however, EA’s line of games, in particular Madden NFL and Fifa, focused their attention too much on remunerative online modes and gave up on making significant changes to the game as a whole. Taking a year off would be in EA’s best interest if they want the future Madden NFL titles to return to the glory of older releases like Madden NFL 09.

WWE 2K22 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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