Will Patrick Mahomes adjust to Week 10?


The Tennessee Titans will be the opponent of Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 9. The Chiefs are refreshed after their bye week and ready to face the Titans at Arrowhead.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is set to enter Week 9. The Chiefs will be depending on their quarterback to pick up another big win as he is an MVP candidate this year.

The Houston Texans were defeated by the Titans in Week 8 in a heated battle. Malik Willis, their inexperienced quarterback, had his first professional start, but Derrick Henry completely controlled the contest.

Henry had over 200 rushing yards and two scores against the Texans. On Sunday, it will be crucial for Mahomes and the Chiefs to contain Henry.

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Will Patrick Mahomes fit in week 10

Although the Titans’ defensive line is among the best in the NFL, it hasn’t garnered much mainstream attention. Nonetheless, Mahomes definitely has first-hand knowledge of the devastation the group can cause because of this.

Due to Ryan Tannehill’s still uncertain status for Sunday’s game against the Chiefs, the home side are set to earn their sixth win of the year. The Chiefs are now favored by -12.5 points, and the line itself indicates that it could end up being a rout for the Chiefs.

Against the Titans, Patrick Mahomes can make a statement in the MVP race

Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes are currently the frontrunners in the MVP race. Hurts already has a win in Week 9 thanks to the Eagles’ Thursday night win over the Texans. Hurts could win the MVP award this year as they are now 8-0 to start the season.

Josh Allen, however, has also continued to rack up numbers despite his club suffering just one defeat this season. Mahomes needs to tear up and show better stats than Allen and Hurts for him to win MVP this season.

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It will be difficult for the Chiefs to finish with a better record than the Eagles and Bills right now. Josh Allen and Jalen Hurts could lose their advantage over Patrick Mahomes if the latter performs well against a formidable opponent like the Titans.

Mahomes has a passing rating of 109.5, 2,159 yards, 20 touchdowns and five interceptions so far this season. Allen has 2,198 yards, 19 touchdowns and six interceptions to go with a 105.9 passing rating.

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This year’s MVP title should now go to Josh Allen, although things could change in the future.

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