Washington commanders welcome former employee Jason Friedman’s libel lawsuit


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The back and forth between the Washington commanders and former commanders employee Jason Friedman continues.

Following a claim by Friedman’s attorney, Jason Friedman, that a Monday statement from the team defamed him, the COs released that statement to Daniel Kaplan of TheAthletic.com.

“The commanders did not refer to Mr. Friedman — or anyone else — by name in their statement,” Tacopina said. However, if Mr. Friedman believes he has been defamed, he should sue for defamation. Commanders will gladly accept service and vigorously defend any such claim. »

On Monday, attorney Lisa Banks accused the team of defaming Friedman, after the team claimed that anyone who testified that the team was withholding NFL ticket revenue would be committing perjury.

Tacopina’s statement does not address the part of Banks’ statement asking for Friedman’s permission to tell his story publicly. Why not let him speak? Why not slam it all in the court of public opinion?

Financial irregularities either occurred or did not occur. Allegations and counter-allegations will do nothing to prove that it happened or did not happen. Let’s see the proof. Let’s see the evidence. Let’s have something more than a seemingly endless stream of competing press releases.

Through it all, the NFL has continued to be remarkably quiet. Whatever the reason (and we touched on a few possible motivations on Tuesday Live PFT), it’s strange that the NFL has nothing to add to an unprecedented situation. Even though the commanders did nothing wrong, no team has ever been accused of doing anything like this.


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