These five commanders would be great color commentators for NFL games


News broke Tuesday that Tom Brady would become FOX Sports’ senior NFL analyst upon the end of his on-court career, and subsequent reports said Brady would receive $37.5 million a year during his tenure. 10-year pact with the network. Finally, something is wrong with Tom!

In light of this development, here’s a list of five Commanders players who would be excellent as color commentators in the booth…

5) Cornelius Lucas

This one may come as a surprise to those who follow Washington, but those who cover the team on a daily basis understand that Lucas is a gem. A big unpredictable gem.

As a backup offensive lineman, Lucas doesn’t get a lot of press conferences, but when he’s on the mic, he’s a staple.

Take his last session with reporters where he described his experience as a free agent in March saying there had been “simulations and loot-shaking” by non-Commanders franchises. Or his honesty after the team’s upset win over Tampa Bay in November (which included a marathon offensive possession in the fourth quarter) where he admitted he was glad the temperatures were manageable because otherwise the game “would have been a hell”.

Lucas would provide some real levity to the action coverage and also plenty of weird but entertaining (and, for emphasis, definitely weird) quotes.

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4) Bobby McCain

While Lucas would be a funnier voice upstairs, McCain represents a more serious option.

In his freshman year in Washington, security kept him more real than most professional athletes and also wasn’t afraid to get testy going back and forth. Some commentators find it hard to offer harsh assessments when communicating, but McCain certainly wouldn’t.

Plus, in an era when so many top-tier broadcast pairs feature quarterbacks and other offensive guys, getting the perspective of a defensive back would be a new sight for those watching.

3) Taylor Heinicke

Starting from this last point, Heinicke’s position automatically gives him gravity. After all, Brady is expected to join Troy Aikman and Tony Romo as former passers-by who are beamed into millions of homes every Thursday, Sunday and Monday for years to come.

However, Heinicke is not in this story just because he is a signalman.

The 29-year-old is inherently likeable and very down to earth. These qualities mix well with his intelligence when analyzing complex patterns and sequences in an understandable way.

Like Lucas, Heinicke would be funny, just in a more understated way. Then there’s the option to pay him in cases of beer, which is much more affordable than Brady’s salary.

2) Terry McLaurin

Anything that involves talking thoughtfully or engaging with someone in a meaningful way is something McLaurin will play in. This hypothetical exercise is no different.

Le large ably answered questions on topics ranging from his role as one of the DMV’s most beloved players what it was like to catch a ball thrown by a giant cannon while filming a commercial.

McLaurin would be an asset in a tight contest with two minutes remaining and could also deliver a blowout that is worth sticking around to hear his thoughts on whatever is mentioned in the moment. And he’d be a lock for first place if he didn’t line up for the same team as…

1) Way of trees

Those unfamiliar with Way would scoff at the idea of ​​a punter being tabbed for half a couple of comments – then they wouldn’t scoff for about nine seconds into their debut.

Way is someone you could ask to go through what he bought at the grocery store and be mesmerized by his response. Plus, he uses the word “damn” quite often, and frankly, TV needs more “damn” these days.

The Pro Bowler’s YouTube show is seriously, seriously fun and compelling, and if he ever had the chance to sit in a pit in the fall and winter, he’d smash it harder than one of his punches. booming foot.


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