The NFL wins again in the Raiders relocation suit. So why did Saint-Louis go the other way? – Athleticism


Last week, the NFL settled the lawsuit over the Rams’ move from St. Louis to Los Angeles for $ 790 million after suffering repeated losses in courtrooms in Gateway City. Although confident in their legal position that St. Louis did not have the standing to continue, the league decided to kick and suffer loss.

Across the country in California, however, the league is now 3-0 in relocation prosecution decisions. A Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals panel on Thursday upheld a lower court decision to dismiss the City of Oakland lawsuit over the Raiders’ move to Las Vegas. Combined with a state court dismissal of a lawsuit in Oakland, the NFL is undefeated on the West Coast.

Why the difference?

“Sometimes it’s the luck of the draw in terms of judges,” said Jim Quinn, Berg & Androphy partner who represents the city of Oakland, of the disparity between the results of California and Missouri. .

In the federal case, which alleges violations of antitrust rules by the NFL, Quinn concedes the transfer was an uphill battle. Oakland argued that the NFL conspired to limit the number of teams, saying Oakland would otherwise always have a team.

“Although Oakland does not need to provide compelling evidence of traceability to access federal courts, the city cannot rely on a Hail Mary of speculation to satisfy reputation,” Judge Patrick wrote. J. Bumatay in a concurring opinion (traceability refers to the link between the alleged wrong and the damages).


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