San Diego citizen files taxpayer lawsuit against NFL over Chargers move



San Diego refused to do so. That’s what a San Diego taxpayer did.

Earlier this week, Ruth Hendricks sued the NFL and its 32 teams in a bid to recover taxpayer funds lost following the Chargers’ 2017 move.

The 35-page lawsuit raises four arguments in support of the claim that the rights of San Diego taxpayers were violated by the move. Specific legal theories are breach of contract (based on the NFL’s relocation policy), unjust enrichment (based on relocation fees paid by the Chargers and increasing the value of the Chargers franchise), fraudulent misrepresentation and concealment by the Chargers, and misrepresentation and concealment by the NFL.

As mentioned earlier, the biggest challenge this lawsuit will face stems from the statutes of limitations applicable to the four legal theories. The NFL will no doubt raise this as an affirmative defense at trial. Based on our preliminary, California-unlicensed review of California law, the lawsuit may have been filed too late.

In California, fraud claims have a three-year time limit and breach of contract claims must be filed within four years. The Chargers moved five years ago.

That’s why the lawsuit is entirely possible a political stunt, aimed at attacking San Diego elected officials who didn’t do what St. Louis did, in a timely manner.


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