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DENVER – My God, do you remember when social justice, promoting equality and improving access to people of color were the cool things to do?

You know, one of the few good parts of 2020.

It is there is a life. Now it is the opposite. Now he’s applauded when an NFL team bans most black people in America from going to a game.

The Raiders announced last week that you need to show your vaccination papers to enter Allegiant Stadium and see the silver and black. As a Vegas season pass holder – business decision, folks – this caught my attention. Not for commercial reasons; six of the eight games have already been sold, and it’s not even week 1 yet. The house still wins. We are just copying the house.

It caught my eye because I attended or worked a dozen or so games when the Raiders were in Oakland, and I can say with certainty that much of the Black Hole and the rest of the Coliseum did not look like me. Not even on Halloween. Oakland hatchbacks were legendary, formidable, and made up largely of non-white people, and guess which of us is least likely to be vaccinated against COVID-19? Blacks and Hispanics.

Thanks to the new Vegas policy, more than half of blacks and Hispanics in Nevada cannot attend a Raiders game. It’s not cool.

It’s disgusting.

Maybe those vax numbers are skyrocketing if enough people want to see such a bad Raiders game, but come on. These policies are extremely sketchy and much more discriminatory than inclusive, and here I thought inclusiveness is always #important. Shoot, guess I’m late and the included coupon wasn’t good until 2020. Hard to keep up with all the self-righteous coupons these days.

Surprised? Don’t be. Like almost everything in the COVID-19 response, officials are harming minorities, the poor, and people who don’t work with Zoom calls and live in Highlands Ranch. School closures hurt minorities most. The wealth gap between rich and poor has widened by another thousand. Cities that have put a blow to the budgets of the police – Denver is near the top – seen the the biggest increases in violent crime, mostly in neighborhoods that were already on the edge. Here’s a fun idea: What about the power thugs and the media repeating their fine words like a parrot, ceasing to complicate the lives of the good people who are just trying to give it back?

If you’re wondering what it will look like inside Mile High if the Broncos only allow vaccinated fans, imagine Folsom Field during Bolder Boulder – but whiter. Showing your vaccination papers here would bar about half of the city’s Black and Hispanic communities from attending a Broncos game. Is that the city and the Broncos crowd you want? Not me, no way.

Meanwhile, the progressives in charge of these loathsome and fallacious ideas purr on “fairness” while creating the opposite. One wonders if there are real principles at work or just more political talking points.

The real purpose of showing your vaccination papers has little to do with public health. Spend 10 minutes talking to someone who supports a two-class system, you learn that everything is meant to be punitive. The articles are almost entirely pushed by Democrats who view the non-vaxxed as conservatives who deserve to be cut off from society. That’s good, whatever, politics is a dirty game and gets dirtier every day. But let’s be honest about who they’re going to hurt.

They do not harm the Zoom class. Most white Colorado is vaccinated. The majority of Colorado whites could still go to the Broncos game. If you hadn’t considered this fashion angle of the vaccine passport, don’t feel bad. He was intentionally hidden behind Cole Beasley’s fluid locks and Kirk Cousins’ locks public position. The news media made Beasley and Cousins ​​the pale face of the NFL anti-vax mob … even though two former league MVPs, presumed unvaccinated, have mostly been spared the ridicule. Did you know that quarterbacks Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson refused to say if they were vaxxed? Probably not so good as you knew about Beasley and Cousins. But dragging a pair of black quarters wouldn’t fit the latest shady narrative that’s not quite what it says.

By funding the police, by keeping schools “safe”, stay home if it saves a life! – the stories all evolve into something much darker under the slightest scrutiny or critical thinking. Too often, they prey on people with fewer resources, and this trend is getting old quickly.

But hey, if you have your vax papers, $ 500 and want to attend the Chargers-Raiders, contact me. I know a guy.



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