NFL’s Alvin Kamara faces $10 million civil lawsuit in brutal Las Vegas attack


Posted on: October 14, 2022, 03:35h.

Last update on: October 14, 2022, 04:35h.

A $10 million civil lawsuit was filed Friday against New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara. Plaintiff is the alleged victim of a brutal pre-dawn beating outside a popular Las Vegas Strip nightclub during NFL Pro Bowl weekend.

Kamara attack
Darnell Greene, left, tries to escape his notorious attackers in this new image taken from Cromwell’s elevator surveillance footage. (Photo: District Court/KLAS)

Kamara, 27, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Chris Lammons, 26, and two other men face criminal charges in connection with the incident, which happened outside of Drai’s After Dark February 5. Kamara is the only one named in the civil suit.

As first reported by KLAS TV in Las Vegas on Friday afternoon, the lawsuit was filed by Darnell Greene in a Louisiana court.

Kamara on camera

The filing, which seeks compensatory and punitive damages, was accompanied by isolated photographs of the elevator surveillance video, as well as a transcript of that recording. (The video itself was not part of the record.)

Greene told the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police he was waiting for an elevator at the Cromwell Hotel & Casino – Drai’s is on its roof – alongside the four suspects and a few other people. When the elevator doors opened, according to the arrest report, Kamara placed his hand on the victim’s chest to prevent him from entering the elevator. Greene said he pulled Kamara’s hand away, causing it to be pushed by the running back, then kicked by Lammons.

Kamara then chased Greene down a hallway and punched him “several times”, according to the suit, leaving him unconscious on the floor for more than two minutes.

“At no time during the attack did Greene hit, punch or push Kamara or any of his associates,” reads the complaint, which adds that immediately after the beating, “Kamara bragged about it to a member of his group, saying: ‘I connected with the [expletive]’s jaw so hard.’”

According KLAS, police reviewed video of the incident, writing in their report that “the story is exactly like how [the victim] describes the attack.

Greene continues to receive medical treatment for the injuries he sustained, according to his lawsuit. They include an orbital fracture to his right eye, which at the time was swollen.

Consequences so far

Kamara was arrested on a felony battery charge after the Pro Bowl and was released after posting bond. Although battery is considered a misdemeanor in Nevada, authorities have charged Kamara with battery causing substantial bodily harm, which is considered a Class C felony. This means Kamara could face up to five years in prison. he is found guilty.

Kamara was reportedly absent from a hearing in August in connection with his criminal trial, which was pushed back to this month.

Considered one of the best all-around guards in the NFL, Kamara made the Pro Bowl in the five years he was in the league. According to a report from Nevada Currentauthorities knew Kamara was a suspect in the case before the Pro Bowl started.

The NFL has yet to suspend Kamara or take corrective action in response to the incident.


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