New York Giants, Jets urge court to dismiss deceit suit


Lawyers for the New York Giants and Jets teams have asked the court to dismiss with prejudice an amended lawsuit from two fans upset that the franchises have New York in their name but actually play at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

The teams dismiss as implausible and unsubstantiated the plaintiffs’ claims of false advertising and deceptive practices to retain New York names after their “high-profile moves” to New Jersey decades ago.

The amended complaint “still fails to advance any plausible allegations and must be dismissed with prejudice,” according to attorneys for the teams.

The original lawsuit by New Yorkers Abdiell Suero and Maggie Wilkins, filed in federal court in Manhattan, had asked that the teams be required to move their home games to New York and out of New Jersey.

However, the plaintiffs later argued that since the teams refused to budge, they amended their complaint and now want the teams to remove New York from their names. The complaint alleges false advertising, deceptive practices, fraudulent misrepresentations and negligence.

But teams say the amended complaint is no better than the original.

“The Fraud Complaint merely restates the allegations of the earlier Complaint’s ill-fated RICO Civil Complaint. And the Negligence Complaint is based on the alleged violation of a New Jersey statute from which the Defendants are expressly exempted,” said attorneys for both NFL teams in court.

Amended class action lawsuit wants NFL Giants and Jets to remove ‘New York’ from names

The teams argue that the plaintiffs’ persistent complaints about the Giants and Jets retaining their New York names after moving to New Jersey in the 1970s and 1980s still offer no basis to substantiate the false advertising allegations. and deceptive practices because under New York law, such claims are subject to the standards of a “reasonable consumer acting reasonably in the circumstances.”

“Since each club began playing its home games just seven miles west of midtown Manhattan decades ago, they have openly, consistently and honestly provided first-class entertainment for and squarely in the New York metropolitan area. The defendants never stated that the stadium was located anywhere other than New Jersey. The New York component of team names is also not included to identify the location of the teams stadium,” the teams said.

The lawsuit seeks $2 billion in damages and a promise from the teams that they will stop posting what Suero and Wilkins call the “Ten Lies” on their franchises, MetLife Stadium where other teams play, and others offers. They also want the court to compel MetLife Stadium to discontinue its “cash-only” windows at concessions they say violate New Jersey law.

Pictured: East Rutherford, NJ – Circa 2017: Exterior shot of Metlife Stadium during parking lot tailgate before New York Jets football game sporting event

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