Mason Rudolph expects Steelers offense to change in 2022 to better suit his style


Pittsburgh Steelers offense will feature more passes under center, play and passes in second year under coordinator Matt Canada, quarterback Mason Rudolph told national radio show Friday.

“There were certain concepts that Ben (Roethlisberger) had executed that Ben had been comfortable with for 10 years,” Rudolph said of the Steelers offense in 2021 as speaking on the Jim Rome Show Friday. “It didn’t matter who the coordinator was, (Roethlisberger) was tied to certain concepts, and I think there was a bit of a mesh between him and the coordinator. You get that kind of leeway when you’re an 18-year-old future Hall of Fame quarterback.

“But I’m thrilled this year to kind of have the dialogue with Matt and move on with his bread and butter. He’s an action guy, he’s a pushing guy. in the field, and I think it suits my style well.

Of course, whether or not Canada’s Year 2 suits Rudolph’s style might end up not mattering to the Steelers’ chances of making it back to the playoffs if Rudolph isn’t the starter in 2022. He doesn’t There’s no guarantee of that, although coach Mike Tomlin said Rudolph and Dwayne Haskins will have the opportunity to compete to be the retired Roethlisberger’s successor.

“There will always be competition,” Rudolph said as he sat in the studio with Rome in Los Angeles. “It doesn’t matter if we recruit someone or if we’re (a veteran), I’ll never shy away from that and it’s a no-brainer. We know that (reception) is going to add to the piece. So I’m delighted to compete and I look forward to the opportunity to play.

Rudolph said he spent several weeks of each offseason of his professional career training in Southern California at 3DQB at Huntington Beach.

Unlike the first three offseasons since being picked in the third round in 2018, this time around Rudolph can approach him knowing he has a realistic shot at being the Steelers’ starter.

“I have a whole offseason with a different mindset,” Rudolph said. “Every year, yeah, do I prepare like a rookie? Yeah, but you know when you come back to camp, there’s a Hall of Famer there who’s the starter.

“So I’m excited. I know it’s an opportunity to get a chance to be the starting quarterback. That’s all you can ask for.

Many fans and commentators, however, openly mocked Rudolph as a QB1 option for the Steelers. Former Steelers safety Ryan Clark – now an ESPN NFL analyst – went so far as to say that if Rudolph is named the starter, the Steelers “are no longer the Pittsburgh Steelers that I love or Pittsburgh fans love.” .

Rudolph said he takes criticism with ease.

“Shoot, I totally understand the talk of the barbershop,” he said in Rome. “You play one of the most guarded positions in all of sports, and that comes with dinner. I get it. I never understand guys who invite it over and cry wolf at the end. I totally get it (being criticized) and I like that. And I think I have a lot of evidence, and that motivates me.

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