John Fetterman looks bad in a suit, analysis finds


Bizarre fashion choice raises questions about stroke victim’s ability to dress

• October 21, 2022 1:20 p.m.

What happened: John Fetterman, a mentally retarded stroke victim and Democratic candidate for the US Senate in Pennsylvania, wore a suit on Thursday. He looked very bad, according to the results of a Free Washington Beacon analysis.

• Fetterman, who usually wears an oversized hoodie and cargo shorts, decided to dress up because President Joe Biden was in town raising funds and talking about infrastructure inconsistently.

What they say:

• “Fettermann in a suit it looks like he’s his own bodyguard.”

• “OH LOOK! Johnny Fetterman’s mom and dad bought him a NEW COSTUME!”

• “How many little rascals make Fetterman have inside of that suit?”

• “people are calling @JohnFetterman’Uncle Fester,” which is just ridiculous. Fester could talk.”

• “Wear one suit, Fetterman looks like a guy who was sure he was going to be a lottery pick in the NBA Draft, but didn’t make it.”

• “John Fetterman is in such bad shape that they didn’t even let him speak at the event with dementia patient Joe Biden.”

why is it important: We still don’t know if Fetterman, who needs captioning to understand basic conversations, has the ability to dress up. The goofy costume suggests he doesn’t. He certainly doesn’t look like a US senator.

The big picture: The Democratic Party and its allies in the mainstream media are desperate to nominate Fetterman’s wife, Gisele, as the de facto candidate in the race. “Gisele, you are going to be a great, great lady in the Senate,” Biden said said Thursday.

The bottom line: It’s really weird. Seeing Fetterman in costume is disorienting, like staring into a bizarre alternate reality.

It makes more sense.

It’s more like that.


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