Jerry Jones fatherhood suit: Woman claims Dallas Cowboys owner is her father


According to documents seen earlier this week by, a woman is suing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, claiming she is Jones’ biological daughter.

Alexandra Davis, a 25-year-old who grew up in the North Texas area, filed a lawsuit claiming she was conceived from a relationship Jones had with his mother, Cynthia Davis, in the mid 1990s.

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According to court documents filed by Davis, his mother reached a settlement in which Jones would support them financially as long as they did not publicly identify him as his father; it is alleged that Davis was a baby when the deal was made.

A hearing is scheduled for March 31.

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Jones first denied claiming to be the father of Alexandria Davis in 1998. Alexandria Davis is now asking the court to find out if she is legally bound by an agreement between Jones and her mother (which allegedly included a wife of 375,000 $ paid to mother), and to see if she can legally prove that Jones, 79, is her father.

According to the documents, Cynthia Davis was estranged from her husband when she met Jones. She reportedly worked as a ticket agent for American Airlines at Little Rock, Arkansas airport when the relationship began.

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The documents do not specify how long the relationship between Cynthia Davis and Jones lasted. Alexandria Davis was born on December 16, 1996, shortly after her mother filed for divorce from her unnamed husband.

Davis “lived her life without a father and in secret and in fear that if she were to tell anyone who her father was, she and her mother would lose their financial support, or worse,” the lawsuit alleges. The lawsuit also states that Cynthia Davis is currently battling cancer.


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