German cities focus on hosting NFL games


While the NFL is based in the United States, the league plans to expand its reach into international areas, such as Europe. During the recent offseason, the NFL reportedly began to take an interest in showing games in Germany. In total, seven cities would be open to host football matches, becoming a league partner.

Coming in 2022

The NFL currently working with The Sports Council, a London-based company. The goal is to start hosting NFL games in Germany from next year until the 2025 season. According to Sky Sports, the NFL is expected to start receiving proposals from German cities in September.

If that schedule goes, the league will have plenty of time to review the proposals and then choose a partner by next year. The seven cities that have expressed an interest in hosting professional games remain a mystery. Sports Consultancy did not reveal any further details, however, the Munich Ministry of Education and Sports said it was in discussions with the league to arrange a match.

Munich would be able to host a match at Allianz Arena. The venue can accommodate 75,000 people and is the second largest stadium in the country. Thomas Gross, a spokesperson for the department, told Sky Sports the group is awaiting news from the NFL on the requirements to implement a game in Munich.

Additional details

We know Berlin is not in the race to host NFL games due to the city’s sports promotion laws. The city is still interested in hosting big-scale events, but it looks like it will have to transmit NFL games, at least right now.

Hamburg is also another potential city that could ask to host a game. However, it appears that city officials are concerned that they will not have enough time to present their plan before the proposals are submitted.

While it seems odd that the NFL is considering hosting games in Germany, this is not uncommon. In the early 1990s, the country hosted five preseason football matches. The country was also part of NFL Europe and had five teams in action before the league ended in 2007.

It will certainly be interesting to see all of the states that apply to host and the areas that the NFL chooses to play games. This will mix up the league a bit and provide a unique setting for professional players to hit the grill.


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