Former XFL commissioner Oliver Luck didn’t deserve ‘excessive’ compensation – The Athletic


Two years ago, former XFL commissioner Oliver Luck sued his former boss, Vince McMahon, to recover the $22.8 million that remained on his contract when the league shut down and filed for bankruptcy. start of the pandemic. This case is ongoing.

Now, in a twist, the administrator of the bankruptcy plan for the remains of the XFL is suing Luck for part of the more than $11 million he received during his time as commissioner, arguing that Luck didn’t deserve it and violated his contract.

Luck is a seasoned sports executive and the father of former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. The lawsuit was filed April 11 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.

“The compensation was excessive and several multiples of what Luck was paid by his employer immediately before Alpha,” wrote plan administrator Peter Hurwitz, referring to holding company XFL. “Luck lacked the experience and business acumen to fill the position of CEO and was not qualified for the position.

“Luck’s performance as commissioner and CEO was woefully inadequate for many reasons. Among other things, he failed to exercise good business judgment; failed to follow league policies; failed to follow the XFL Employee Handbook; did not attend meetings; disclosed confidential information without proper authorization; and has effectively abandoned its responsibilities in the face of the Covid crisis.

McMahon hired Luck in 2018 to launch the new XFL, after the league only lasted one season in 2001. In many ways, Luck was successful in helping bring a competitive product to the field in early 2020, with some markets, like St. Louis and Seattle, outpacing other professional teams in the region.

But the league shut down amid the COVID-19 outbreak and filed for bankruptcy soon after.


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