Field Yates tried to stay the course during NFL Live segment as dog vomits just off camera


During friday NFL Live on ESPN, viewers may have found themselves drawn to the box in the upper right corner where NFL reporter Field Yates’ screen suddenly shook and the look on his face seemed to imply that his soul had left his body and floated before him before ascending to the heavens.

It certainly wasn’t as dramatic as it sounds, but it turns out there’s a logical explanation for what happened: the dog’s vomit.

Because it involved an NFL insider, Yates’ colleague ESPN NFL Insider broke the news.

Yates corroborated the report with a follow-up tweet which also showed his ability to laugh at his own expense.

Host Laura Rutledge’s credit for noticing something was wrong with Yates at the time, although there wasn’t much to be done about it. At least not until the cameras are turned off and the cleaning begins.

As for Cisco, no word at this time on possible disciplinary action by ESPN or Yates.

[The Big Lead]


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