ESPN’s Laura Rutledge mocks her ’embarrassing’ NFL Live moment


ESPN’s Laura Rutledge proved she could laugh at herself this week when she shared a self-proclaimed “embarrassing” moment from NFL Live on social media.

On Tuesday afternoon, Marcus Spears was talking about wide receivers who might be interested in teaming up with Matt Ryan on the Indianapolis Colts, saying Odell Beckham Jr. has already made the “hey bighead call in.”

Spears’ comment prompted Rutledge to say, “I’m trying to figure out why didn’t you ever call me and say ‘hey big head?’ What’s up with that?”

“Oh wow,” Robert Griffin III chimed in, trying to hold back his laughter. “I don’t know if you know what that means.”

Apparently she didn’t. But luckily, Spears was ready to fill her in, explaining that “hey bighead” is a phrase you use when trying to flirt and woo a significant other.

“You’re married, I’m married so I’m not courting you,” Spears said, prompting a laugh from the NFL live trio. “It’s alright, you know we teach lessons.”

“I thought bighead meant ‘Hey, you’re really good at what you do. I want you to come here and work with me,'” a clearly embarrassed Rutledge explained to her co-hosts. Okay, well, on that note – don’t nobody call me up and say ‘Hey bighead!'”

In case Rutledge had any doubts about Spears’ explanation, ESPN used a reliable old urban dictionary and displayed his description of “hey bighead” onscreen just like NFL live was ending.

“I learned something new,” Rutledge said. “I will now call everyone ‘bighead’ because I love you all.”



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