Cowboys owner Jerry Jones won’t talk paternity lawsuit


Jerry Jones would not discuss his ongoing paternity lawsuit.

Earlier this month, 25-year-old congressional aide Alexandra Davis sued the Cowboys owner, alleging he was her legal father and made a deal with her mother when she was 1 .

Asked about the suit at NFL owners’ meetings in Palm Beach, Florida, Jones declined to comment.

“It’s personal,” he said, according to the Dallas Morning News. “It’s personal.”

In the suit, Davis said his mother, Cynthia Davis, had an affair with Jones in the mid-1990s when the two were married and Davis was a front desk agent for American Airlines in Arkansas. Her marriage was dissolved and her ex-husband was determined by a paternity test to not be the father.

Jerry Jones has refused to talk about his pending paternity lawsuit at NFL owners’ meetings.
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According to the lawsuit, Jones provided Cynthia Davis with a $375,000 settlement, $57,000 of other expenses plus “certain monthly, annual and special funding” through trusts until Alexandra Davis turned 21. , then three more payments throughout his twenties. Alexandra Davis was never to publicly disclose that Jones was her father, and her lawsuit was an attempt not to be bound by this stipulation.

Monday, ESPN reported that Jones asked a judge to dismiss the case and said the lawsuit was one of “multiple monetary extortion attempts” against him and the Dallas Cowboys.

Jones alleged that Alexandra Davis contacted him before filing the lawsuit, asking if he would be willing to ‘work out a deal’ to ‘ensure he would not be publicly or privately identified’ as her dad.

Cynthia and Alexandra Davis
Cynthia and Alexandra Davis
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Cynthia and Alexandra Davis on Season 3 of “Big Rich Texas” on Style Network
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Davis’ attorney denied the extortion allegations to ESPN, writing, “I would challenge Jerry Jones to present any evidence that anyone demanded money, period. It’s too bad that Jerry Jones wants to hurt his own daughter more by now pretending she’s extorting him. I challenge them to present any evidence to support any of these defamatory and false claims. »


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