College plaintiff in NFL costume Von Miller picks one up for the team



The teams will no doubt ask Miller why he got involved in the lawsuit, said former Washington Redskins and Houston Texans general manager Charley Casserly, who now works for CBS Sports. But Casserly and three other former or current NFL staff evaluators say they don’t think Miller’s draft position will be affected. He is simply too talented in a position of great need to be ignored, especially since in his past there are none of the character or training fitness issues that present the red flags. usual to scouts. Rather than his place in the lawsuit against Miller, some even wonder if Miller is being used in a union battle that is not yet his.

“The fact that he was even asked to do this is negligence,” said a chief executive who asked to remain anonymous because he did not want to speak publicly about his team’s draft plans. “His name was put in a place where it shouldn’t have been. They are supposed to act in the best interests of their clients, and I cannot imagine that to be the case. ”

Sherman, a former Green Bay Packers head coach, said he had a slightly different point of view, saying: “He’s not on a team yet and he hasn’t been in this fight yet. . In some ways, that’s a credit to him. He obviously cares a lot about it, because putting his name on it is a bit risky. He has a very big heart and he will try to help people who ask him to do things. I saw him at basketball games helping an old lady come down from the stands. He always reaches out to help people. I’m sure that played a role in that.

Miller would have been a star in that draft even without the trial after the Senior Bowl workouts and the scout suit featured athleticism Sherman called extraordinary. Miller ran hurdles in high school and has long considered himself a catcher or tight end. He wasn’t happy when his high school coach moved him to defense.

But the scouts marvel at how hard Miller can dash across the floor – a decisive advantage for leveraging the blockers – and at his closing speed as he nears quarters, for a moment, according to Miller, makes him feel like a running back trying to dodge tackles to score a touchdown.

But the high energy that attracted teammates had to be retained when he was younger. When Sherman arrived at College Station in the spring of 2008, Miller had already been named to the Big 12 freshman, but he also showed up late for dates and didn’t take classes seriously. . Sherman suspended him for the Texas A&M Spring Game.

“I said, ‘You’re not one of us anymore,’” Sherman recalls.

Miller threw his things into his car and started heading towards his parents’ house in the Dallas area. His father is an outspoken and successful businessman who talks to his son every day. He told his son that he couldn’t go home, that he had to go back to college.



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