Bill Belichick deftly shifts gears on the matter of Mac Jones getting booed


Bill Belichick is unparalleled in the art of answering a question without answering it.

Exhibit A: His Monday morning interview on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show.”

The Patriots head coach was asked to comment on New England fans booing Mac Jones during last Monday’s nasty home loss to the Chicago Bears. Jones, after throwing an interception to end his third streak, was replaced by rookie quarterback Bailey Zappe – much to the delight of Patriots fans.

However, rather than answer the question, Belichick deftly shifted gears to how he was treated at MetLife Stadium in the Patriots’ 22-17 win over the New York Jets on Sunday.

“I was really focused on the game yesterday. The Jets (fans) booed us all,” Belichick said with a laugh. -game, go back to the start of the game. Coming in at halftime, coming back. I mean, there were Patriots fans there and we had a good crowd. But they booed me in the parking lot They booed me. I was booed all day.

When show host Greg Hill attempted to bring the focus back to Jones, Belichick quickly cut him off and resumed the discussion of Sunday’s game in New York.

“It’s like that on the road,” he said. “I guess that’s a good thing. If they were cheering you on the road, they’re probably happy to see you. I don’t think you want that. It’s the NFL. Do not worry.


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