3 teams that will drop to 0-3 in week 3



Week 3 of the NFL season kicked off Thursday night as the Panthers sent off the Texans. The victory meant the Panthers were the first team to reach 3-0. They are at the top of the NFL. When the other 28 teams start on Sunday, some will drop to 0-3.

This usually signals a death rattle for teams hoping to advance to the playoffs.

0-3 puts the teams in a difficult hole. It’s something that no team wants to find themselves in. Week 3 forces the current winless teams to battle tough opposition.

Here are three teams watching the barrel of a 0-3 start.

Teams that will drop to 0-3 in week 3.

1 – Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags could be the worst team in the NFL. After a hectic offseason, the Jags started badly. The Texans routed them in Week 1, and the Broncos sidelined them last week. The Jags face a hot Cardinals team, and the Jaguars might find it impossible to stop the Cardinals’ high-flying offense.

The Jaguars secondary is a bad unit, and the Cardinals’ passing offense is searing. Veteran passer JJ Watt and Chandler Jones could relish a bad Jaguars offensive line. Trevor Lawrence could get through a rough day. Everything points to a Jaguar defeat.

2 – New York Jets

If people think the Jets’ job was tough for Robert Saleh, now they know it’s even harder. The Jets are 0-2, and Week 3 sees them travel to Mile High to play a Denver Broncos team in midseason form.

The Jets are grappling with both defensive and offensive issues. Meanwhile, the Broncos are in great shape on both sides of the ball.

The Broncos defense is a talented unit, with a lot of experience under its belt. Veteran defensive guru Vic Fangio has all the tools in defense to give rookie quarterback Zach Wilson another tough day. Add that to the difficulty of playing at altitude, and the Jets will drop to 0-3 in week 3.

3 – The Giants of New York

The Giants are an imperfect team with a lot of problems. The concerns are mainly about defense. The Broncos hosted them in Week 1, the Washington football team gave them points last week, and now they face the Falcons in Week 3. The Falcons offense is a powerful offense. who has many weapons.

Last week, the Giants struggled to stop Terry McLaurin, and the Falcons have two good wideouts and a budding tight end at Kyle Pitts. This Week 3 clash could turn into a shootout. The Falcons’ defense is weak. However, a shootout is fine for the Falcons, and they could doom the Giants to 0-3.

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